Q & A

Dongliang Ge, Director of Bioinformatics, Gilead Sciences

Dr. Dongliang Ge is Director of Bioinformatics at Gilead Sciences, where he provides leadership to the bioinformatics group and provides strategic input to bioinformatics infrastructure and process. Prior to Gilead, he was appointed as Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Duke University School of Medicine. He received his PhD of Biostatistics and Genetic Epidemiology from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in 2004. Dr. Ge was named by the Genome Technology magazine as one of the “rising stars” in 2009. His work in discovering the IL28B genetic variants associated with the hepatitis C patients’ response to clinical treatment, published in Nature in 2009, has received over 2000 times of citations to date.

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Matthew Wagoner, Discovery Safety Specialist, AstraZeneca

Matt Wagoner is a discovery safety specialist with AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals based in Waltham with research interests in advancing in vitro models of physiology and toxicity, with a particular emphasis on intestinal and renal biology. As a discovery safety specialist, he drives the validation and integration of promising microphysiological systems to fill gaps in our drug discovery pipeline through interactions with leading academics and small businesses. His PostDoc work was with AstraZeneca in Wilmington examining mechanisms and biomarkers of renal toxicity. Matt’s PhD work focused on the dual roles of a neural transcription factor, NRSF, as both a tumor suppressor and oncogene (University of Wisconsin – Madison). His undergrad work (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) focused on antibiotic resistance in wastestreams.

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Q&A 2014

In the run up to the Drug Discovery USA Congress in 2014, we spoke with Brian Pollok, Entrepreneur-In-Residence, University of Virginia.

Brian Pollok is a biotechnology executive and entrepreneur with diverse career experience, having held positions in academia, start-up biotech, large life science companies, and Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies. Brian will be speaking at the Drug Discovery USA Congress in October, but has kindly agreed to share his views on discovery technology, discovery collaborations and cancer drug discovery in advance.

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