Drug Discovery USA Congress

R&D Models For The Future
Open innovation: new initiatives and industry case studies
Reviving existing drug products: increasing therapeutic potential
Expanding therapeutic areas: pain, anti-addiction, orphan diseases
Tools for measuring the success of research partnerships
Practical innovation: what can we learn from biotechs?
Accessing external innovation: how, where and who

Screening & Assays: Enabling Technologies
Phenotypic screening vs target-based screening
High content analysis: live cell imaging, 3D cell based assays, flow cytometry
Developing disease relevant assays
New technologies for gene expression profiling
iPSC and primary cells: physiologically relevant assays
Technology platform case studies: NMR & SPR

Discovery Chemistry & Drug Design
Fragment based and structure based drug discovery
Analysing structure-activity relationships
Advances in computational chemistry & knowledge-based design
De-risking through design: achieving selectivity and specificity
Increasing molecular complexity: considering solubility, drugability and potency
Medicinal chemistry case studies

Supporting Innovation: Translational Approaches & Informatics Tools

Making the most of discovery data: compound optimisation and safety assessment
Utilising predictive technologies
New data analysis and integration platforms
Legacy data and collaborative strategies: tackling informatics challenges
DMPK and ADMET: building an integrated pipeline