Free Webinar Recording 2016

“Fragment-based Drug Discovery: From inception to drug, the evolution of the tools that enabled Bcl-2 drug discovery and Venclexta approval”

Hosted by Vincent Stoll, Associate Director of Structural Biology, AbbVie

This webinar discusses the origins of Fragment-based drug discovery, driven by the need to discover drugs for the Bcl-2 protein. This was the first protein/protein interaction target to be tackled with a small molecule approach and traditional High throughput screening had failed to provide any viable starting points. A new approach was needed: fragment-based drug discovery.

It also covers the process and technologies of fragment-based drug Discovery and how they have evolved since the start of the Bcl-2 program. The science and technologies have evolved over time, expanding the approaches to fragment screening, significant advances in speed and quality of protein X-ray crystal structure information and integration of chemistry. This webinar gives an overview of what some of these advances are and how modern day fragment-based programs are organized and executed effectively.

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This webinar is for Drug Discovery researchers based in Europe and the US who would like to hear views from a leading expert on early-stage Drug Discovery strategies.

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